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Has new tension pully new plugs and wires new head new starter an new motor gaskets
to the point that I have no pedal. Its not the emergency brakes, cause I checked, its definately the front brakes. what could be causing this?
My speedometer works, but the gas, rpm, and the hot/cold does not? wat could this be?
before that, it would slow down even when i was pushing the gas all the way. i would let off then it would speed up a little, but slow down again. went to go up a hill and it completely shut off. tried to stat it back...
I know if it is not broke don't fix it. But, I bought the 94 tracker, it ran well, but a little rough. so, i put new cap, rotor, wires,and coil in it and now it sputters, idles rough for a few seconds and will not sta...
Will go into gear when engine is off but not while running is it my clutch or trans?
I have power and everything, what could be the problem?
It shifts great otherwise. It just downshifts when I am trying to maintain a steady 35mph. it drops into 2nd gear from 3rd gear. It is a 3 speed automatic. Fluid level is good as is the fluid. What would be the likely...
It is not in the oil, not on the floor, not coming out the exhaust, not coming out the heater, and under the engine is dry. I am using at least a gallon every week and I only drive it a couple of times a week (locally).
can this cause it not to start and fuel not going to the plugs
it wont start after sitting over nite,we crank and crank maybe 1- min or so then it will start what is wrong please help me
please can u help i was told it was electrical problem
it acts like aint getting fuel i can spray ether in &it will start i put distibutor cap rotar button new plugs, fuel pump, i was told it may be something electrical
i add 1 quart transmission fluid a week, oil is getting fuller without add oil. why would transmission fluid go into crankcase. and how would i fix it??