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axels rotors brakes bearings all replaced but when car is coasting it doesnt make grinding sound but when it is pulling bad grinding sound sounds like in front middle of car and right wheel feels like grinding.new cal...
when i first start my car it makes a squeaky sound from the alternator area
I bought a 96 geo prizm. It runs real rough and I hav e been told by mechanic that it is trying to shut down between 2000-2500 rpm. The mechanics changed the distributer, wires and coil, but this did not stop th...
the code on my car reads po136 which sensor is that
have replaced 4 wire o2 sensor, but keep getting code PO141.
Cleared code by disconnecting negative battery terminal,but after short time coe shows back up.
The problem began after the engine was replaced with a lower mileage, used engine (punctured radiator from highway debris caused it to overheat and warp). A couple of weeks after the replacement, it stalled on the fre...
is it in the tank? are there any tricks to replacing
I drive the car and it has a high piched sound. When I go in reverse i clucks and the makes a lower whineing sound. Trans fluid dark.
How do you turn off the check engine light on a 96 GEO prizm
The e-check company is having trouble reading the codes on my vehicle. It has been about 5 weeks since I had the repair done on my vehicle, and they are still having trouble reading the codes.
The engine quit without warning on the freeway and now will start and idle but dies as soon as the accelerator is pressed. Diagnostic code shows a bad ignition module and main computer but replacing them makes no diff...
Is there such a thing as a water pump hose or are there just the two radiator hoses?
How do you replace battery cables? One end goes to the posts, what is the other end connected to and how do you disconnect them?