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I bought a brand new Alternator battery did a tune up etc n now the battery keeps dying n the check engine light now goes on help me plz wut could be wrong
I know which post is which on the battery but I don't know which clamp is which on the car.
The old battery was removed and the new battery shows which is the positive post and which is the negative post but I don't know which one is which from the car?
it started scrapping at first i would have to rev the engine for it to go into gear now it just scrapes
Cuts off in curves like it's not getting any fuel until I get out of the curve.
my oilwasnt checked rite and apparently had no oil at all it stopped Now oil was replaced when test driven it stopped and when engine is turned on it is shacky and a little loud
I would like to know how much it would cost to get the hood latch fixed and I need a new bracket to hold the right headlight in place. The door handle inside and out of the back right passenger door is also broken.
when in drive at a stop trany slips in first gear but if you shift it in low mannualy no slip works fine
Engine idles fine but will not accelerate. Instead it knocks and pings and sort of dies as if its not getting a good spark. But I checked the plugs and replaced the distributor cap and rotor.
My car has 89,000 mi. on it and I took it to Jiffy lube for an iol change and of course thyn tried to sell me every service under the sun. My question is should I flush the trsnsmission and yje radiator? I don't kno...
when i brake the front makes a loud clunking noise i feel vibration in brake pedal i replaced pads and rotors still same condidtion
when i turn the key i use to hear the fuel pump come on but when i turn the key nothing and the car will not crank up.