gear won't shift on 2000 Chevrolet Impala

i drove my car the night before it was fine. i get up the next day it won't move out of gear.what could it be? if its my neutral safety switch where is it located?

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If the vehicle will not move out of park, it is most often due to a faulty brake light switch at the brake pedal. The brake light switch not only turns on the brake lights when hitting the brake pedal, but also releases the shifter interlock.

The switch itself may be faulty, and the wiring connector that plugs into it could be damaged or burnt too. Have a look there as well.
I disconnected the shift cable from the transmission put my foot on the brake and the shifter moves out of park, but the gear on the transmission won't move. is this the neutral saftey switch and could this be my problem?
The shifter interlock releases the shift cable, not the shifter itself. You have not eliminated the brake light switch as the likely cause.

Do you have brake lights at this time? Have someone check while you step on the brakes.