Gear Stuck In Park on 2000 Honda Accord

Just an FYI: this is the first time this has happened with the car. The engine turns on, but the car wouldn't move from park. Tried taking foot off brake, on brake, pulling gear harder, but fearful it might break. Does anyone have any idea what this could be and a potential cost of repair???

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Same on my 2000 SE, though somewhat intermittent. First noticed Shifter wasn't releasing. Pointed back of car at another car so I could see brake light reflection on other car. Sure enough, when stepping on the brakes, the lights came on some of the time, but obviously did not come on every time. Removed brake switch last night. Testing with multimeter it seemed to work fine, but not surprised since was intermittent before. Going to get new one today. About $35 at Kragen in Dublin.
Bob, San Ramon, Ca
to remove brake switch...need 14mm open end wrench. Twist and contort yourself to look up under dash at brake pedal arm. Switch is easily visable there. Pinch wire connector release and wiggle out plug. Loosen nut closest to switch (the other nut is actually welded to the bracket. Unscrew switch out of bracket.
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when this problem is occuring are your brake lights on when your foot is on the pedal? If not the problem is most likely the stop light switch, it sends a signal to the car saying your foot is on the brakes so you can change gear.
My car is honda accord 1997.. Its auto car having gear problem..D4 gear is not working well...then the car speed is not fast now..sometimes the car is stop during the running time..i need help..please suggest me