gear shifting on 2002 Mercedes-Benz E430

when I put my car in gear the car slam into gear engine light on car wont go over 30 do u think i need to take my car to mercedes and get the car reflash

by in Beverly, NJ on October 30, 2010
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ANSWER by on October 30, 2010
The loss of power and check engine light being on is the transmission/engine going into "safe" mode. Is there any Independent Mercedes repair shop near you that has a good reputation?
COMMENT by on November 01, 2010
what makes the engine / transmission go in safe mode . if i may ask you
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had to change my alternator now my car wont shift into 3 rd n 4th gear wont go over 30 miles and engine is loud rpms are up high can somebody tell me whats wrong with my car
The bushings for the shifter lever wear out to the point where they break and fall out. This causes excessive movement (loose feel) in the shifter lever and a clanging-type noise when changing gears.
Occasionally, the gears will not change and/or the gear slips out while driving. The "Limp Home Mode" instructions (stop, put car in "P", turn motor off 10 seconds, restart) work every time and th...
shiftter mechanism will not go into any gears. Lever will shift but the vehicle will not move.

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