gear shifter sticks in gear when moving from park to drive or reverse to drive on 2000 Ford Expedition

when i try to shift from park into any gear it is very hard to move the gear shifter i press the brake first of course, however its as if the stick on the shifer is broken any opinion or expertise is appreciated

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Gear shift lever is attached to Transmission Column Shift selector tube. Shift selector tube uses plastic bushings around front and at rear of selector tube . Bushings wear and leave shift selector tube metal to metal contact causing gear shift lever bind / hard shift. Inspection of shift cable should be performed for any problems.
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The shift cable has a design flaw that causes it to crimp at the cable mount on the steering column. The stranded cable first begins to bind and then metal-fatigues in half and happened in our 2000 Expedition at only 44K miles. You can see it if you look under the dashboard at the steering column. The new cable has more support keeping the cable from bending at the mount point on the steering column. You can buy a cable and replace it yourself for about $90 from the ford dealer. It goes under the carpet and down through the floor where it connects to the transmission and took me about 15 minutes to install. You don't need any special tools.
is there a shift sensor in the steering column