Gear shift won't shift. on 1998 Ford Taurus

Gear shift won't shift gears, but gear shift moves (slides) up & down. But I can shift it under the hood by moving the lever.

by in Farmington, MO on January 03, 2009
4 answers
ANSWER by on January 05, 2009
Sounds like something in the steering column broke, call your local body shop and ask who they use for steering column repairs.
ANSWER by on January 05, 2009
Something in the shift linkage may have broken if you can shift it manually under the under hood.
ANSWER by on January 18, 2009
i had the same problem and it was the gear shift cable had broken. easy to repair, costs around 70.00, must get at ford garage ( auto parts stores do not carry), might want to get someone young and spry to get under the dash to replace.
ANSWER by on January 30, 2011
yes thats whats wrong
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