gear shift stuck in park on 1998 Lexus GS300

shifter won't move from park to reverse. What is the problem?

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These vehicles have a shift lock system that prevents you from taking the car out of park unless you have your foot on the brake pedal, this system will need to be inspected to determine the cause. You can perform one easy check, see if the brake lights are working. The brake light switch is often used to deactivate the shift lock, so if the brake lights aren't working neither will the shift lock system.
ill tell u right now lol i had the same problem its a 1998 gs300???? go on the kick panel left foot under dash theres a fuse box open it look on the back of the cover for the fuse called STOP check it its blown change it will be a 15 amp fuse change it any more question email me
i did that and the fuse keeps burning out in 5 mins. i have a 2001 gs300 lexus
If all those other options fail, next to the shifter, there is a small compartment you can open with a screwdriver. Once open, if you press down in there it will unlock your shifter. It's the manual override, but you still must get the gear shift situation looked at by a transmission professional. Enjoy, and share the knowledge.
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