Gear shift cable assy on 2002 Mazda 626

what is a reasonable cost to replace the cable assy that runs from the gear shift to the transmission? The mechanic that last worked on it at the dealership told me that the cable was hanging by a thread at the gear shift. The part didn't seem expensive, but the labor was very high on thier quote.

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My friend had this issue with her '01 626 4 cylinder. Although not exact, the repair is similar. Simply use a bushing (nearly any material will do, plastic, steel, bronze etc., I used an Oilite bushing because I had it) and place a clip (again, any style clip will work, I used an "E" Clip) or buy a commercially available post replacement for ~$16 from Automatic Transmission Factory. I'm sure there are others that make something similar. You could use a 8mm rod end, thread the cable to 1/4-28, and install a thread repair sleeve if the plastic end on the cable had actually broken. There are a myriad ways to effect the repair that would be better than the factory. Note- My friend's 626 had had the cable replaced 15 months earlier- Getting a factory cable is the WORST thing you can do.