gear selector on 2004 Volvo S40

I have a gear selector service required warning that comes up on my dash regularly. What would that involve and what am I looking at for cost?

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What is the warning that you are getting? Flashing upshift arrow? Have you had the diagnostic trouble codes checked?
Is this a 2004.5 model? With the new body style?
Gear selector service required is the warning that pops up. I haven't dont a diagnostic on it yet.
yes it is the new body style.
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My brand new V-60 which I've only had THREE WEEKS had this yesterday. I brought it in today. it's an electronic device which has shorted out! They have to pull out the entire front console to get to the stupid chip to replace it. My vehicle is under warranty so I don't pay, but what a pain in the butt. And doesn't give me any confidence about my new $35K car.
Had the same problem on my brand new XC60 which I just purchased yesterday and today had to get towed back to dealer. Not very encouraging to a 4 time Volvo owner. Is this some kind of recall item?