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1998 Dodge Durango Question: gear problem

I think the gears might be slpping revving between gear changing and jerking what will a service cost? -
Answer 1
I'm assuming what you are referring to is when you change gears, it glides and does not feel like your going from park to reverse to the next gear. If so, it is a transmission pressure leak. I just got mines replace last week because it felt weird and not the norm. It fix my issue. It cost me 150. Hope this helps. -
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the transmission oil and filter was change recently so the oil level is proper and no any massage or warning code so please guid me now im try to start at 2ed gear manual thanks, Amer,
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03 dodge durango will sometimes not start unless you move the gear shift selector to drive 1 and back to park.
If the transmission delays initial gear engagement after being parked overnight or longer, it may be due to a suspect transmission cooler return filter. If the transmission was recently serviced an...
The first gear goes to almost 3000 RPM to shift is this normal??