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2002 Honda Odyssey Question: Gear Position Sensor

I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey and I replaced the rear main seal because of an oil leak after putting it back together it wont shift out of park, and the D light on the dash comes on and then goes out after a few seconds, also the check engine light blinks 5 times and it wont move out of park and it wont start at all. The brake lights are working and I have checked all conections, I am pretty sure it is the gear position sensor because P R N are not lit up when the key turns on? -
Answer 1
If this wasn't occurring before removing the transmission, then recheck all the wiring, shift cable/linkage and connectors. Something may be loose or disconnected. Check the diagnostic codes to see why the check engine light came on. -
Comment 1
I fixed it a wire goin to the gear position sensor it pulled out of the connector. I fixed it works great and no leaks. Thank God -
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