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1999 Ford Mustang Question: GEAR GRIND NOISE FROM 4TH TO 5TH UPSHIFT

when i shift from 4th to 5th i hear and feel a gear clash noise for a split second.i was told it was my sychronizer.i dont dobt it.can i continue driving with no probs or will this prob eventually start affecting my other gears to?i never use 5th gear anyways so replacing thr 5th gear synchro i decided not to.i've noticed lately it isn't shifting quickly between all gears.feels kinda sloppy.quick shifting during drag racing is outta the question because going into third quick it always jams cause the shifter wants to take ya towards first.is this just because of a generic factory designed part or do these cars have something needing adjustment on the shifter linkage to take out this slop? -
Answer 1
first of all, these cars are not meant for the abuse of drag racing. it takes a lot of modifications to make it race ready. as far as 5th gear, the syncro is damaged and the metal from the grinding will destroy the bearings inside the trans at some point. you need to have someone build a trans that will take the abse you are dealing with. Roy -