gauges not working on 2005 Isuzu Ascender

Several months ago my gauges have stopped working. First it was the speedometer, working intermittantly, and then the gas gauge stopped working and now the car will start, but it shows on the display that it is in neutral when its really in park. I can't get the vehicle to move,or the shifter into gear. Is it the instrument cluster or something more serious? Any ideas?

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On my Isuzu Ascender 2004 (V6) on April 29, 2011 all gauges stopped working on the instrumental panel. I suspected the fuse. So I pulled out the instrument panel fuse number 24 (10 Amp) and visibly inspected and did not see an open circuit. Then I check the continuity on the fuse with multimeter and it was fine. Seated the fuse back in the slot and the panel gauges start working fine. So I am suspecting the fuse came out loose or was not making the tight connection. I am going to replace the fuse just in case. Hope this helps who have similar problem.

Mohammad Khan
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The stepper motors that run the guages themselves are a known problem on earlier models , these would have to be replaced or the cluster itself , check for any blown fuses first. Also a suspect area could be the ignition switch which they have problems with if you have no power at all to the guages cluster , if the guages all stopped at the same time its probably not the stepper motor issue.