Gauges- Gear, Tachometer, and Fuel. on 2002 Ford Windstar

My fuel gauge gets stuck after about a half hour of driving. Not a major problem. The bigger problem is the other two. One day drove from NYC to Atlantic City(2.5 hours) When I reached AC, I stopped at a 7-11, and left the engine running with the radio on, because my mom was sitting in the car. When I returned, the tach and the speedometer were spinning back and forth. The van drives, but now the tachometer needle is stuck, and I think it has caused the gauge needle for the gear to be stuck in the park position. Any ideas?

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Sounds like your instrument panel needs to be scanned. It has its own little computer and it will help you determine why your gauges are going crazy. This is not a parts store mini-scan, this takes a Pro level scanner.
Ok. Will do. I believe you may be right, because it just dawned on me, that the speedometer was doing it too, at the same time. Had to restart the van a few times before it reset itself. Not sure how long the needles were doing it, because my mother never noticed it. Thanks for the advice. Going to assume my mechanic would have the scanner for this.