gauges do not work on 1994 Dodge Intrepid

speedometer, gas gauge, tach, etc., not working. we have replaced the body control module with a used BCM. no change.

by in Jenks, OK on September 01, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 01, 2009
The fuel tank sender unit sends fuel level signal to the BCM and then gets sent to the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster itself has several circuits totally independent of the BCM (oil light, park brake, air bag, high beam warning and turn signal warning) most other communication to the instrument cluster seems to come from the BCM. Have you got 12 volts ignition key on at the pink/red wire (pin 8) at the instrument cluster if not check fuse #9 (15Amp), and have you power (pin 6) at the instrument cluster red/white wire if not check fuse #17 (5 Amp). After that I am not familiar with the Intreped perhaps a scan tool is needed to wake up the PCM.
COMMENT by on June 29, 2010
I just had the same problem and did what you said; replaced fuse #17 and it worked!!!! I no nothing about cars and thank you for your advise!
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