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2002 Chevrolet Tahoe Question: Gauge cluster going giving crazy readings when going over bumps

After my Tahoe gets up to normal operating tempetures when I hit a bump, any size bump in the road, all of the gauges start to go crazy. I have checked and cleaned all conection on grounding straps and both cable coming off the batery. If I have a OBD wire pluged into the OBD plug, no reader connection on the other end, the gauges work propery. Any sugestions on what to do? -
Answer 1
this is a common issue and gm extended its cust asst to 5yrs 100k mile which you are out of the coat is approx 450.00 depending on your area -
Comment 1
So the gauge cluster is the issue and need to be repaired/replaced? -
Answer 2
Only other options is to attempt to re-solder all points on the back of the cluster. Otherwise, get a new cluster. -