Gauge cluster going giving crazy readings when going over bumps on 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

After my Tahoe gets up to normal operating tempetures when I hit a bump, any size bump in the road, all of the gauges start to go crazy. I have checked and cleaned all conection on grounding straps and both cable coming off the batery. If I have a OBD wire pluged into the OBD plug, no reader connection on the other end, the gauges work propery. Any sugestions on what to do?

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this is a common issue and gm extended its cust asst to 5yrs 100k mile which you are out of the coat is approx 450.00 depending on your area
So the gauge cluster is the issue and need to be repaired/replaced?
yes it does
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Only other options is to attempt to re-solder all points on the back of the cluster. Otherwise, get a new cluster.
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