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Gateway Transmissions
February 11, 2015

This is the worst mechanic we have ever been to. We took our car there when it broke down because they said they had a loaner car I could use while they fixed mine. They ended up giving me an old Explorer that smelled like urine, but hey, it was free so I could deal with it. The next day the Explorer would not start, so they had to tow it away. They promised me that the other loaner car would be back the following day and that they would call me. The next day I didn't get a phone call, so when I called them, they said that it still wasn't back and they would call me that day as soon as it came back (this was on a Saturday). Again, there was no call, I finally called them back on Monday afternoon. He said that he would look into it and call me right back, an hour went by and I still didn't get a call. When I went in to the office, he admitted that they had given the car to someone else on Saturday. I could have dealt with all this, but my car had been in their shop for 6 days at that point and the only thing they had done to it was to disassemble it. They told us multiple quotes over that time period, though I was never given an actual written estimate. My car needed a new clutch, a job that should only take about 9 hours tops. Then I called my dealership, and they quoted me a price nearly $1,000 less than Gateway wanted from us! I was livid at this point, my car had been there 6 days with no work done, they would never call us when they said they would so we were forced to keep calling them every day to figure out what was going on with the car. So that Monday I went to the shop and told him to put my car back together so I could have it towed to the dealership. At first Max, the manager, kept apologizing telling me that they just weren't very good at communicating with customers and that he was very sorry and promised to make me happy. I told him no and that I wanted the car put back together, he then got very mad and told me that I would have to pay for the 9 hours of labor and that I was only acting this way because they didn't have a loaner car for me. I tried to explain to him that I was upset because they were making no progress and their customer service skills were terrible. He took me to the shop area to show me what condition my car was in, where he proceeded to walk up to someone else's car and raise it up on the lift, he honestly thought that was my car. When I stood there staring at him with my arms crossed, clearly annoyed, he said "Oh, I guess this isn't your car!" and then he laughed! He didn't even know which car we were talking about! He tried to tell me that they were going to charge us for everything, the 9 hours of labor, the return charges on the parts (even though he ordered from the dealership and they said they wouldn't charge him). I eventually talked him down to charging me only for the labor they actually completed, which he said was 6.5 hours, and then another $100 for the tow (which was supposed to be free), and $150 for returning the parts. All in all I gave them $1048 for absolutely nothing but annoying me and yelling at me in front of my 4 year old daughter. When I went to pay he insisted that I could only use cash or a cashiers check because he didn't trust me and thought I would cancel the charge if I used my bank card. He had only partially reassembled the car (per my request so that he couldn't charge me for 9 hours of labor) and had thrown all the extra parts in the back of the car. He had a paper for me to sign stating that I had been given all the parts and that I wouldn't hold them responsible for any damage. I refused to sign this because I am not a mechanic and I could not verify that all parts were there. This was after I had already paid him, but he said that if I didn't sign it, he wasn't going to give me my car back. So I wrote a note on the receipt saying that I could not verify all parts were there until my dealership was able to look at it for me.

This was the worst customer service experience I have ever had, Max and Bill were both beyond rude to me and yelled at me in front of my child and had me literally in tears. I have been told from my dealership that they have had run ins with these guys at Gateway in the past and that they wouldn't put it past them to have not returned all my parts. I URGE YOU NOT TO GO HERE! Go anywhere else! These guys will take you for all you have and they will treat you like crap. I have never felt so disrespected and taken advantage of. I repeatedly asked to speak to the owner, but they told me that he didn't want to speak to me and that I had been insulting him for days. What kind of owner doesn't want to speak to an upset customer to try and fix the situation? He never even wanted to hear my complaints about the way they treated me. PLEASE AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE!

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Gateway Transmissions
April 21, 2010


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