Gasket sealer on 2003 Chevrolet S10

What do you recomend for gasket sealer? What is the most reliable sealer for oil pans, valve covers, timing covers etc thankyou.

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I like to use the original Toyota sealer. Part# 00295-00103. This is an extremely good sealer, worth every penny. Clean and degrease the surfaces with a non-residue cleaner, like brake cleaner before you apply.
For water pumps, thermostat housings I use Permatex Aviation Form-a-gasket.

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The best gasket sealer depends on the type of gasket material and what part it is. A water pump gasket would use silicon. A valve cover gasket with a cork gasket would use silicon too, but if the gasket is rubber, then we use a spray on sealer that makes the gasket "tacky" so it will stay in place and not slip during installation. In most case, rubber and silicon should not be used together. Silicon makes the gasket too slippery and easily slips out of position during installation casing leaks.