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2010 Hyundai Elantra Question: gas tank issue

I've had this car 6 months. Whenever I get gas, EVERY SINGLE TIME, the gas continues pumping until the tank overflows. It does not matter where I get gas or whether I pump it on the fastest or slowest option.....it reacts the same. I've had the Hyundai service checke it. They claim it is a problem with the gas pump, not the car. I take this to mean they believe I don't know how to pump gas although I've pumped hundreds of tanks full on mostly Ford model cars with NEVER a problem like this. It will eventually ruin my paint job, I'm sure. What can I use to contend with their somewhat thoughtless response to my concerns. -
Answer 1
What I would do is take two vehicles to a gas station and take video of yourself filling up both vehicles and see the behavior of the pump and the two vehicles. If you can document this, it will help your case because it is normally a behavior of the fuel pump to shut off before it overfills the tank. Once you have documented the problem, take it to the dealer and show them, and if they refuse to help, send the video to Hyundai and cc the dealer owner/manager. If there really is a problem, you need to be aggressive to get it addressed. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease! -
Answer 2
If you reset your milage each time you fill up you would know approximately how many gallons your going to need to fill up. Slow down the pumping when you get close. Also... you may not be putting the gas nozzle all the way down the refill tube. That rubber gasket around the tube helps to stop the gas from pumping when it's full. -
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