gas tank filler tube has leak setting off ck engine light. how to fix? also oil on 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

oil leak 1 qt. 3000 mi.

Is it an oil leak or is the engine burning oil? If it is a leak you may have to wash of the engine or add dye to the oil to identify the source of the leak. To solve the evaporative emission codes set for a leak small or large, look for gasoline stains or a rubber hose that is deteriorated or split. If it is not obvious a "smoke machine" that generates an inert gas pumps smoke into the fuel tank and evap system to identify leaks ans a scan tool with bidirectional controls may be needed to shut solenoids and valves to look for leaks.
there is a leak on pass side front may be oil filter adapt been leaking for 3-4 years has 128k. read code for ck eng lite and says gas tank filler tube