gas tank on 2001 Hyundai Elantra

went i fill the gas tank it click like is full but is not it keep doing it it take me 15 to 20 mins to full the tank.

by in Davenport, FL on November 14, 2009
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ANSWER by on November 14, 2009
Is your check engine light on? if you have a trouble code it could be easier to find the problem but it seems to me like there's a problem in you Evap System and is not letting the gas tank gases recirculate.
ANSWER by on November 14, 2009
Customer Concern: The fuel tank is slow to fill. Code P0442. Tests/Procedures: 1. Check for pinched/kinked hoses on the fuel tank to the canister. 2. Check the canister close valve. It may be sticking closed intermittently. 3. To test, just unplug the canister close valve and attempt to add fuel to see if any better. Potential Causes: Sticking Canister Closed Valve (CCV) Restricted Evaporative Hoses Tech Tips: To set the code the canister close valve would have to stick open. Diagnostic Codes: P0442
COMMENT by on June 12, 2010
How do I Check for pinched/kinked hoses & canister close valve? Since I am not a mechanic!
ANSWER by on September 08, 2010
I have a 2007 Toyota Yaris which I bought new. In June 24th I attempted to fill up and was unable to. Since I have been unable to fill up ANYWHERE in town. The Dealer charged me $125 dollars to "check" the fuel system where he tells me everything is alright - except that he isn't filling the gas tank! Since then, I have discovered that 2 and 4 door 2007 Yaris's have trouble putting fuel in there tanks at more than one of the fueling stations they visit. In June the California Air Resources Board decided to "change" not only the fuel pump nozzles but also the fuel output of all fueling nozzles. The new requirement is a MINIMUM of 6 gallons per minute [that's a gallon every 10 seconds]. If the nozzle/pump comes up short then the Station gets fined! I have an appointment next week with the head mechanic with the head mechanic to take it to a fuel station and have the mechanic try to put fuel in.
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