2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Q&A

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: Gas pump keeps shutting off like the tank is full when it's not - gas vent problem?

Happened 3x in last week at 3 different gas stations so it has to be the truck. Gas gauge is working. Gas pump keeps cutting off and can only get gas in if you hold to a trickle -
Answer 1
Hello Hossman, Bill from Milex Auto Repair. I would check the vent for the tank and make sure it's not pinched. Has any work been done at the tank recently , fuel pump ? If so possible it has been pinched when reinstalled. If not start with the vent hose first. Be happy to check it out for you if you don't find the solution. -
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No work done on the tank. It got cold last weekend when it happened the 1st time. I've heard to put a bottle of STP dry gas in the tank and also to disconnect the vent and make sure there is nothing blocking it and/or drain out any gas that might be in the vent line. I'm pretty sure I'm getting the nozzle as far down the fill tube as I can. Thoughts? -
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Try not to put the nozzle in so far, keep it out as close to the edge as possible. Also don't let the tank get down to empty, refill at 1/2 half a tank. -
Answer 2
Don't put the nozzle in so far, try to keep nozzle out as close to the edge as possible, also don't let the tank get close to empty, refill at 1/2 a tank full. -
Answer 3
I had the same problem. The repair shop replaced the vent hose (it was pinched) and that solved the problem.... for about 3 weeks. Now it won't fill correctly again. There must be something that is causing a vacuum and collapsing the hose. So far I have not found an answer to what would collapse the hose. -