2001 Hyundai XG300 Q&A

2001 Hyundai XG300 Question: gas pump cuts off when filling tank

when ever I try to fill my car with gas the pump keeps click off -
Answer 1
when ever I try to fill my car with gas the pump keeps clicking off -
Answer 2
if this case happen all you need to do it slightly pull out the nozle about an inch then fill it, if it happen again then try to push the rear pumper and refill it ..it due to high air inside the gas tank , the best it fill one 12 to 14 oz of " s.t.p gas treatment mix in with full tank of gas and drive for while and it should be ok after it....this should work on every cars ,and do this twice a year .... -
Answer 3
Hey, you need to replace the evap canister, its under the car mounted next to the gas tank. Its a dealership only part. The canister filters the gas fumes as you pump and vents them after scrubbing them thru charcoal. When it is cloged the gas fumes build up in the tank as you are filling and the pump senses you are full and cuts off. Easy to remove and replace. Big square box with a strap, four rubber hoses attached with hose clamps. Make sure you label hoses before removing them, they each have a specific job and if put on the new one wrong you will have problems. -
Answer 4
a plugged evap canister vent line is the most likely problem remove the vent line from the evap canister and blow shop air pressure throught the line. spiders like to make nests inside these lines and there nests become almost air tight. if there are no obstructions you likely have a plugged evap canister. -