Gas mileage estimate on 2000 Ford Taurus

I love my Taurus but am only getting 15-17 miles per gal. around town. Is this normal for this car. I keep up with all suggested
maintenance. What else can I do. I am a 87 yr. old retired lady. Cara Lee

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The government have a website that compares car's expected miles per gallon figures. I looked up your car and provided a link to your vehicle.
I live in California and our gas prices are sneaking up every week.
This government website has tips for better fuel economy but your MPG is about average.
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I found this answer while looking for my problem with a 2004 Taurus: I would check your basics, i.e. how are your tune up parts i.e. spark plugs, filters? Do you have a Service Engine Soon Light on ? This could mean that an engine sensor is not working properly which will really effect your mileage.
Here's a comparison: I had a 93 Honda Accord Coupe. Had two less cylinders than your car and weighed about 850 pounds less. Despite getting 32 mpg on the highway (as long as I kept below 65) It got 18-19 mpg in the city.

Keep in mind that the shorter your trips the lower your mpg, So if your car were tuned to perfection and you checked the tire pressure every week, you might get 2 more mpg.