gas mileage on 2004 Ford Focus

Hi i just brougth a 2004 ford focus with 112,000 miles on it.My question was that i put gas into my car and i had the gas full i resetmy milege button to see how many miles i get on a half of tank. I got 205 miles on a half of that good for this car and what can i do to make it better?thanks

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Hwey, We have a 2004 Focus and really have spent no money on it yet, and as for gas milaeage,I think you did well at 410mpg for a full tank.
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To accurately answer your question, the best method of determining fuel milage is to fill up the vehicle, note the miles in the odometer and drive normally. Then refill, preferably with the same station and divide the mile driven by gallons of fuel. To answer your second question of how to get better economy, the biggest culprit is your right foot (how you accelerate). Much money can be wastefully spent chasing a few tenths of a mile per gallon.