2005 Dodge Neon Q&A

2005 Dodge Neon Question: Gas Milage

My car gets about 19mpg in town and 25mpg on the hwy is that right? -
Answer 1
The Estimated MPG for the Dodge Neon is 19 (city) / 32 (hwy). Source: www.fueleconomy.gov (http://bit.ly/ENzcL) Here are some tips: http://bit.ly/zf2cV -
Answer 2
Depends on driving and such, but in the summer I generally get 25-28 mpg mixed city/hwy driving. It seems to me that how you drive greatly effects gas mileage. Even when I idle in the winter (Alaska) I still get about 23-25 mpg, but if I accelerate hard a few times between fill ups I can get as low as 22 in the summer. Best mileage I've gotten was 31. Hope this all helps! -