Gas leak on a 1981 Chevy Citation (My car's model is not on the drop down) on 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier

About a week ago my tail pipe rusted through where it connects to the Catalytic Converter and they both started dragging on the ground. I parked the car shortly after I found out that it was dragging and haven't driven it since. I jacked the car up yesterday to try and jerry-rig the exhaust so that I could drive it until I can afford to get it fixed, and when it was in the air (about a 20 degree angle from the back tires) it started leaking gas at a rate of about 3 drips per second. I got spooked and lowered it down. When I checked under the hood, I could not find the leak. I'm a single mother of two and I need to get this fixed as quickly and inexpensively as possibly. Does anyone have any advice?

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how much gas was in the car? it could be just the fuel pick up gasket has gone bad...or a crack in the fuel line,rubber cracks as it ages..