gas leak on 1999 Buick LeSabre

There appears to be a gas leak in the car on the left side, coming from a hose. I am not an expert, and am wondering if there is anything else on that side that might have gas coming from it that may appear to only be a hose. I am also wondering if this seems to be a simple hose change, or normally more to it? I know trying to estimate this is difficult without knowing specifics, but if you could give me an idea of what is going on since I have been burned before. Also, I feel a small pulse when the gas pedal is pushed as if it is hard for the gas to get to the engine, but no check engine light. Thanks!

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You might not want to mess with this and take it to a shop and have them address the fuel leak. Otherwise you can risk truly getting "burned"! I recommend leaving this up to a professional. To make yourself feel better about a repair, or what a shop is telling you, insist that they show you what is wrong and they explain what they are going to do to fix it and why. Best of luck to you!