gas leak on 1995 Dodge Spirit

When I start my car and it is idling,after a few minutes gas starts dripping in front of the right rear tire about 5 inches in towards the center of the car.I reached underneath and it feels like there is a rubber hose that it is dripping off from.I cant crawl underneath far enough to actually see it though.I was trying to figure out how much this might be to be diagnosed and fixed, if that is the problem, but couldnt figure out how to enter my question on this website.Any information would be helpful.Thank You.

by in Wyoming, MI on November 22, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on November 22, 2010
No one will be able to give prices without seeing the leak first hand. But fuel leaks can be dangerous, get the problem repaired or stop driving the vehicle.
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gas drips in back only when car is running.looked underneath and tank is much to replace gas tank if ncessary.
4 cylinder engines may develop oil leaks from the following areas: Camshaft plug, Camshaft seal, valve cover gasket, cylinder head gasket, and distributor.
there is oil in my exhaust pipe, oil and gas in my breather and all over my air filter, and my car misses and acts like its running out of fuel what could this be

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