Gas keeps cutting off when filling up. on 2003 Volkswagen EuroVan

No matter what gas station I go to the gas keeps cutting of after every 30 cents. It takes forever just to put $10 in the tank. What's up with that?

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ni order for fuel to flow in to the tank,the tank must be vented.all of your evaporative emmissions lines must not be kinked,it is possible that your evap canister is saturated with fuel or water.spiders also like making nests in the evap system.all of this will create a backpressure,that is why the pump keeps on cutting off.start with a thorough visual inspection.
Volkswagen said there was a valve that is embedded in the tank. They said it was the safety valve which keeps gas from pouring out in the event your car flips over. They said we need a whole new tank which will run about $1800. Does that seem right? Seems really expensive!
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oh yes evap . canister ....very common!