Gas in my oil, gas coming out tailpipe. How do I get rid of this problem? on 1992 Toyota Camry

My gas return line was stopped up, blew it out. Gas coming out tailpipe. How do I get rid of this gas?

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Gas in oil; Probably wash out rings.
Probably wash out rings??? Changed oil and filter,. can't get it to start, also replaced spark plugs . All six of them. How can i dry out combustion chamber and exhaust system? Will it have to dry over time or is there an easier way?
Disconnect power wire to coil, remove the plugs, spin the engine several times allowing cylinders to blow the excess fuel, cover excess to not get all over the car. As far as gas in the exhaust, it needs to dissipate or drain before trying to restart engine. Any spark or excessive heat could cause your car to burn, or if really bad explode. might check compression while you wait to see if weak rings, if compression is low, put a little oil or transmission fluid, not enough to hydrolock, in the cylinder and retest compression to see if it increases. Make sure to blow the oil out of cylinder before installing spark plug.
Thanks for tip on drying gas in engine and exhaust. I'm wondering if gas in oil has ruined the rings in the engine? Haven't driven car during the whole ordeal.
The gas is what washes the rings, it will probably not have as good compression and burn oil until they are replaced.
When u say washes the rings, exactly what do u mean? I think over a quart of gas in crankcase, more like 2 quarts. Only ran engine sitting in yard. If I take exhaust apart at cat. converter and blow it out with compressed air, do u think that will help or speed things up?
Sure anything to help eliminate the gas. When the rings get washed, they usually don't seal very well again. Your rings will allow oil past to the combustion chamber and the compression will slip past causing increased block pressure.
What does that do? Block pressure.
It will cause other oil leaks, dipstick could push out. Any thing that can't hold much internal engine pressure. That's the purpose of the PCV valve, help pull the normal pressure out of the block, just the pressure will increase, above normal.
If I can get it to crank after drying out, u think I might be able to ride until I can do better financially?
Sure; I'm just trying to give you all the information I can. No surprises.
I appreciate your help, and all your info has been right on target. I'll c what tomorrow brings. Thanks again!
U Bet
Dried gas out of car, cranked it up and getting white smoke and gas running out tail pipe.used a couple gallons in a few minutes. Why won't gas flow level off. I put 2 1/2 gallons in it yesterday and gas light is on. Can u help me? What part does opening circuit relay play in the fuel system?
I can't see how the car would run with that much gas, and it should hydrolock. Maybe it's less, anyway take the vacuum hose off the fuel pressure regulator and see if it is wet, maybe try to engage the fuel pump with it off to see if gas is coming out the nipple for the vacuum hose.
I already tried taking vacuum hose off, motor tried to cut off still smoke , not as bad as before. But still smoking.
Is it running rough or normal, just trying to visualize in my mind what it's probably doing. Is the smoke from the richness of the engine or is it from burning the excess from the exhaust. You say it's getting better, is engine running better as well. Do you have the filter housing open to allow more air to compensate for fuel.
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