gas gauge quit workin. on 1994 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

I put $40.00 in the tank, gas gauge didn't move. for months it worked intermittently. now notta. I don't want to invest much $$ as it is 20 years old. could it be a ground issue?

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You seem to have a lot of issues with this van, try to find a mechanic close by to help you out!
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figure out how many gallons of gas you put in your tank and then figure 11 miles per gallon and track mileage by resetting your trip odometer. good luck
could be ground on the sending unit but is more than likely the unit itself...check the fuses first
is there one fuse for the gas gauge/sending unit or is it combined with other items? would the fuse block i.d. which fuse I need to check? im in a wheelchair and changing the dome light fuse took me 90 minutes of struggling to accomplish a few months ago. fuse block is way up on the firewall. there are only 6 or 8 fuses in the fuse block if I recall correctly