Gas gauge dose not read correct on 2002 GMC Envoy

My 2002 Envoy has a 19 gallon tank however when empty it will only take 14 gallons.Could the fuel gauge be stuck?

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Are you out of gas or did the engine quit running for lack of fuel? Most vehicles are designed with a reserve left in the tank, just so you have a little extra to get you to a station. My opinion is you are fine and it is supposed to function that way, or drain the tank completely and then refill it. You'll have the assurance you might be asking for. Just a thought.
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All of the reply's are accurate. Your fuel tank sender may not be reading 100% accurate, but is close enough. You never want to run your tank too low anyway as the gas in the tank also acts keeps your fuel pump cool and lubricated, when you run your tanks close to empty and there is not enough fuel to help perform those functions helps in the premature failure of fuel pumps. I don't think that you currently have a problem, but run your tank consistently below 5 gallons and you soon may! As always, any further questions please feel free to call or stop by.

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it could be stuck or fuel gauge not reading correctly. most GM cars or truck the fuel gauge sender unit assembly are together with the fuel pump inside gas tank.
when i fill my gas tank hand goes to empty after s it driving about 20 miles it will move to almost 3/4 and then go back to empty and light and buzzer goes off
Also if you run your car on E alot it will mess up your fuel gauge.