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1999 Chevrolet Tahoe Question: gas gauge ??

is there an easy fix to the gauge reading 1/2 tank and just below that it's really empty, we found this out traveling from wisconsin back to utah.... not fun... how is this fixed ? or do i have to replace the fuel pump assembly as i was told the sensor is in the tank ? being disabled and not alot of $$$$ , i was wondering if this is an easy fix or ? thanks for all the help, used to be a mechanic,, but after having back surgery twice, no longer can crawl under it ... -
Answer 1
unfortuneately, the tank has to come down and the sender is part of the entire module. part is about 289 labor is 2.2 hours Roy -
Answer 2
You have likley one of two problems, one is a possible gauge in the instrument cluster and the second is a fuel level sending unit and both are common.The fuel sending unit is availible seperate from the the fuel pump and many GM instrument clusters are available aftermarket. A tech II scan tool would be the way to test, but in many cases the gauge will be erratic and the sender will be inaccurate. -
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