Gas Fuel Tank on 1996 Saturn SL2

I Purchased the car in 2000 but never knew about replacing the gas fuel filter. The gas seemed as if there wasn't a smooth flow to the tank (kind of a jerking motion and sometimes would cut off) I told my personal mechanic, he ask me if I had ever had the gas fuel filter change and I said no. He changed it - it runs better but it still is not 100% smooth flow. Does this mean that I need a new gas fuel tank because I drove so long without ever having a filter changed. The check engine light still comes on. Please answer ASAP

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When the check engine light illuminates on your 1996 Saturn SL2 fault codes will be stored in the Engine Control Module. Retrieving, diagnosing and repairing faults related to the stored codes should be the first step in trying to correct you driveability concern. I would doubt very much that you will need a new gas tank, fuel pump maybe but not fuel tank.