Gas filler pipe backpressure. on 1998 Lincoln Continental

When filling tank, pump shuts off repeatadly,. The only way to put gas in is to pull the pumphandle VERY lightly. It can take up to 1/2 hr to fill the tank this way. Has qnyone else experienced this problem?

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Easiest thing is to look into the filler pipe and see if the metal flapper (the one the nozzle pushes back) is still there, if it is not, it may have fallen off and down into the filler tube restricting the flow. If that is intact then you need to look for physical damage, dented fuel tank, bent filler pipe or other body damage that is recent. If the check engine light is on you may have damage to a fuel system vent valve or a pinch vent hose and these could cause the fuel tank to collapse which will cause the symptoms you are experiencing. Good luck.
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im experiencing the same exact problem in my 98 continental. I believe it to be a fuel tank purge valve. it allows the fumes to bleed out so fuel may come in. I'll post after to let everyone know if this fixes the problem.
I experience this problem. Am not aware of the cause.