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2002 Dodge Caravan Question: Gas coming out of tail pipe and bogging out

Its been so long since I changed plugs ang wires on my van so today van was bogging out and hesitating so I bought I new set of wires and plug, plugs gapped at .050 but after changing out the wires and plugs but know the van has gas coming out the tail pipe and smells strong of gas and van Boggs out what happen??? -
Answer 1
Do you have a check engine light on? If so, please post codes. Sounds like a misfire condition. Since you changed wires and plugs, I would be leaning to the Ignition coil as the possible problem. Depends on whether or not you have a code available to read. If the coil has failed, one or more cylinders may not be firing properly leading to this issue. Need more info. to be sure. Here's the part: http://www.autozone.com/autozone/parts/2002-Dodge-Caravan-2WD/Ignition-Coil/_/N-jhboqZ9n80r See answer #2 as well. -
Answer 2
poss stuck injector,seek daig and est from your mech -