2003 Buick LeSabre Q&A

2003 Buick LeSabre Question: gas cap loose

Gas cap loose light keeps coming on. After a few times of this the check engine soon light comes on. Has been on the computer at several places and techs say nothing wrong. Have also gotten a new gas cap and still have the problem. How can I get this fixed? -
Answer 1
Probably cheaper to buy a new gas cap to eliminate this possibility www.napaonline.com -
Answer 2
that light comes on when the car detects a large leak in the evap system. if the leak is large enough, it may not be the cap but something else. tae it a shop that has a smoke machine that will show them the leak. Roy -
Answer 3
I had the same problem with my 2005 Buick which caused the engine light to come on. I tried a new cap but no luck. Engine tested small evap leak but they couldn't find it, so reset it. Light stayed off for several weeks and then came back on. Went to a second dealer who tested it again, now a major evap leak so they told me it was the fuel filler pipe to the gas tank, cost me over $400. That lasted about 3-4 months and the light came back on again. When calling the dealer, they were not willing to hook the car back up to check their work and was told it could be the EVAP vent solenoid, I didn't bother with it, I sold the car and no longer a Buick owner. I love buicks but this loose fuel cap issue seems to be a huge problem for consumers, yet NO factory recalls. I refuse to own a car that requires constant repair for the same concern. Such a shame too, I enjoyed my Buick. -
Comment 1
I had a 2000 (my daughter has this one now) and now I have a 2003 Buick and have the problem of the gas cap loose with both cars. On the 2003 if I get the cap on just so the light stays off but alas I have to keep getting gas so the cap gets moved! It's now a crapshoot whether or not I will have that annoying ding ding and light on every time I start the car! I love my Buick and will put up with this problem. I'm disappointed they stopped making the LeSabre because it's so roomy and comfortable. But it would be nice if this problem could be fixed. -
Comment 2
How about their windows too! I have 3 out of four of my windows blocked up with 2 x 4's. Then my lcd guage flashes on and off, at night its like the fourth of july. Now my gas cap light is on too! You were right to sell it, Buicks suck, its no wonder we had to bail out the company. Who is going to help the customer, i will never own another GM. -
Answer 4
I have a 2005 Mercury Montego, the gas cap keeps coming loose ane the warning light come on. What is the cause, and what is the fix. brroehrborn@cox.net -
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