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Ganley Lincoln
May 01, 2014

Geico told me this shop was listed as the closest collision repair after an uninsured driver hit my van in Cleveland. Not being from that area I unknowingly(regretfully) agreed. (hindsight) I wish I would of paid the extra towing bill to have it towed closer to my home to a more reputable smaller collision repair business. After a month I was told the van was ready. Van hit on front driver side both wheels turned in. Repair bill states outer/inner tie rod replaced and stabilizer link replaced the the rest of the list is body damage: bumper, head light ect... Problem: They had also stated that check engine an brake lite was on: Bill states Diagnosed/Repaired. (Ganley just cleared out the code) Well I leave their lot and never made it home before the dash lights come on.(check engine/abs) I call Rick English and was told to bring van back up (2.5 hr drive). Then advised me that it may have nothing to do with accident and I could pay someone close to me to look at it and they would only reimburse me if it was found to be from the accident. Geico Rep. wanted me to take it back to shop in Cleveland, NOT!!! I take it to a shop close to my home only to hear that the wiring harness(abs sensor) is cut to the Hub/boot tore in half and CV joint is loose not safe to drive home let alone back to Cleveland . HOW DO YOU MISS SOMETHING LIKE THAT??? I drove this home from Ganley Collision repair in Middleburg Heights 2.5 hours away to my home. Was told by Rick an alignment was also done on the front end? Really how? hmmm Maybe Ganley Ford don't have racks that lift up cars to look under them? And this was not their fault? or maybe they take so many insurance claims and run them thru as fast as they can and over look a lot, Then the poor customer leaves in an unsafe vehicle. People get smart don't go to big businesses like this, your just a number ($) that's all that matters to them. I'm left with the headache of paying the bill to prove their shoddy work after I paid my $500.00 deductible. And Ganley made a quick $3,093.61 I have to pay a 150.00 just to have someone else tell me this is related to the accident and was not fixed. Now I have to have another claims adjuster ok this and I'm with out my van again. Not to mention I'm lucky the CV joint did not break on me driving it home. I not a complainer this is the first time I have ever posted on a business. Who knows maybe I will save someone a headache by warning them about this place.

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