Gage hand flew around ,hane ended up under pin ongage at E,can it be fixed??? on 1998 Buick Park Avenue

When I turned the car on the gage hand flew back and forth then around ending up under the stop pin.It has a light and dings when its almost empty,but registers needle under the E stopper.

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In order to fix the gauge problem with your 1998 Buick Park Avenue the gauges cluster will need to be removed, the plastic cover removed from the cluster and the needle pushed back around to the correct side of the stop. The original cause for this problem could a weak battery. Low voltage to the gauges can make them jump and end up in the wrong position as you have seen.
Thankyou so very much,you know anything about the computers.Now they tell me 2 of mine are fried??
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Do the same procedure as the first answer but before you put the darn thing back together, find something you can slide over the stop that will prevent the needle from jumping over the stop. (Glue it on. I was replacing my starter one time and forgot to get a device from auto supply that provides 9 volts thru the cig. lighter conn. I'm luckier than you, my Son is a body repairman. He had to fix it twice. A PAIN IN THE -SS.
Good luck!!