2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Q&A

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Question: fuses

Is there more then one fuse box -
Answer 1
There is definitely more than one fuse block. What exactly is the problem? -
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What fuse or relay controls the radio and power outlet on the front console of the 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan? they both went out at the same time.
Usually the clock would display the time immdiately after you start the car. Lately the clock would not do this (time is not displayed while driving), and I just found out that the radio won't turn...
just wondering which fuse exatly is for the stereo. I checked under the hood & didnt see one labled for the stereo
Triggered by a short in the rear wiper motor/circuit (which causes a fuse to blow), the airbag warning light can illuminate erroneously.
The cigarette lighter doesn't work in order to charge a portable dvd player or cell phone. I thought that it would be a fuse issue but could not find in the manual anything to do with a fuse for t...