1998 Mazda B4000 Q&A

1998 Mazda B4000 Question: fuse panel

My truck beeps. The doors aren't open and the seat belt is on. It beeps for awhile and stops for a while and will start beeping again for no reason. Need a diagram of the fuse panel to check for the "beeping" fuse. -
Answer 1
id like to know too... the beeping is coming from a box behind the radio that if you unplug,all the 4x4 and power windows stop working this truck doesnt get drove much because of this -
Answer 2
The door switch on my '99 B3000 doesn't work correctly and causes the door open alarm to continue. I talked to a man who has the same problem but his also comes on intermittently like you are talking about. I wonder if this could be your problem? I haven't yet found where the door switch is on this pickup yet but maybe can just replace it and solve the problem. -
Answer 3
My 1996 B3000 does the same darn thing, quite annoying. I too am in need of a diagram of the fuse panel. -
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