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1996 Toyota Avalon Question: Fuse keeps blowing

The fuse that controls the radio, AC, clock, etc. blew suddenly this morning. We replaced it and it blew again. How can we determine what is wrong? -
Answer 1
There is a direct short in this circuit. Finding a short involves the use of a wiring diagram to see where the wires in the circuit go, and what other components run off of this circuit. It's a matter of unplugging things until the fuse stops blowing and checking the circuit in that area for grounded wires or bad components. A good electrical technician is most likely your best bet for this problem. The good news is that the problem is consistent and that will help the tech to find the problem faster. -
Answer 2
There is a 15 Amp fuse at the drivers side fuse box ( it is the second row of fuses fifth fuse down) this fuse supplies power to the radio, clock and more importantly the cigarette lighter. Check to see that a coin has not fallen into the cigarette lighter or that a cell phone charger or radar detector adapter is not shorting out your cigarette lighter causing the fuse to blow. -
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Awesome advice thankyou from Australia, -
Answer 3
the heat motor stop side mirror radio and clock stop working -
Answer 4
This happened to my 97 Avalon when the kids put a penny in the cigarrett lighter! The fuse for the radio, climate control, and clock would blow instantly when teh car was started. The dealership wanted a huge amount of money to track the problem, so I went without heat in November until I figured out what it was. I hope this helps someone :) -
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when you removed the penny did the problem stop ? -
Answer 5
Had the exact same problem in my 97 Avalon. It was a direct short in the wiring running to the light on the driver's side visor mirror. I disconnected the visor, cut the wiring and taped each wire up seperately. No more visor light, but problem solved. -
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