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1998 Nissan Sentra Question: Fueling Problem

Unable to fill gas tank. Only able to fill slowly. EVAP system has throughly been repaired. OBD code is #1446. All things checked OK. Leaning to replace Charcoal Canister, but suspect might have obstruction in vent tube! Can this be checked out by a DIY? Anyone had similar proble? -
Answer 1
Seen this on other vehicles, and it was an obstructed vent tube. -
Answer 2
Just fixed my wife’s 2005 Nissan sentra for the same problem, the service engine light was on and when I tried to put gas in the tank it would gurgle up on me and come out. After doing a little research on line (I love the web) and talking to the dealership, it ended up being the vent control valve. Newer model cars have pressurized gas tank, this valve closes when you start the car to pressurize the system and opens when you shut it off to vent the system, and if stuck closed the system will not vent wile pumping gas causing it to come back up the pipe. Nissan has had many problems with this valve and since have redesigned it. The valve is located just to the rear of the driver’s side back tire, you will have to remove the plastic shield to get at it and if you remove the back tire, it makes the job much easier. It looks like a tube with an electrical connection on the side at the top and the hose from the gas tank on the same side at the bottom. It is attached to a black box I thank they call it the carbon box. Remove the valve by turning it counterclockwise about ¼ to ½ turn and pull it out. Remove the electrical connection then the hoes that leads to the gas tank. If you look inside the holes you will see a plunger and a spring, if the plunger is down and seated it means it is stuck closed. If you are not sure you can do what I did and try to plow thru it if you cant you have your answer it’s closed. I had to go to the dealer for the part and they soaked me for $152.00 but better that then paying them to do this simple job. To reinstall the new unit just reverse the directions. Once I had, the part out I disconnected the battery in the hopes it would reset the check engine light and after the job was done, I reconnected the battery and everything was fine. I think it is a simple job and if I can do it anyone can, good luck. -
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