fueling issue on 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

My Santa Fe engine light came on and I was advised to replace my gas cap, which I did. About three gas tank fill-ups later, my vehicle started just fine but wanted to stall if I did not keep the engine revved. Once I got it in drive and took off from the station there were no further problems...until the next fill-up, and the next fill-up when the same problems occurred. No other problems, and it doesn't matter where I get gas or whether the engine is hot from driving or just started and driven two blocks to the gas station.

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I have the exact same problem with mine!! Everytime I gas up it doesnt want to start, or stalls after did you fix it? Every mechanic I have been to does not know what is going on...
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I have the same problem, found the answer once but didn't follow through. Now cant remember what the part was. fuel ????? valve.
Definitely the purge control valve. Very easy to replace yourself.
have the same problem on our 2003 santa fe. the purge controle valve is what purges fuel vapors out of the gas tank when car is running.Likely valve is faulty sticking open causing vapors to flow thru causing a flooded engine symptom.Easy test is to disconnect electrical connector,then go put some gas in.Notice if still hared to start.If not good chance valve is bad. Very common problem.