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1999 Ford Contour Question: Fuel Tank Repairs

I currently own 1999 Ford Contour LX. And I had my fuel pump put on over two years ago. But the repair guy tighten by hand and not by the machine. When I fill up on gas my car smells just like gas. I think I have a leak either on fuel pump or somewhere there is something going on with my car. I hope someone will be able to assist me with this current problem. -
Answer 1
the oring around top of tank is leaking -
Comment 1
So I would need to change the oring around the top of my gas tank? I can only wonder how much that cost? Thank you for answering my question.... GirlPurple22@aol.com -
Answer 2
The o-ring at the top of the tank where the pump mounts can leak - but the fuel filler neck grommet to the tank can also leak. Either way, the tank will have to be accessed...couple hours labor and minimal in parts. -
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when i try to put gas in the tank the pipe fills up and i have to wait 10 seconds before pumping any more. it takes 20 minutes to fill the tank