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Kia Sportage Fuel Tank Leak Due to Corrosion From Road Salt

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Vehicles driven in areas where roads are heavily salted in winter may experience corrosion of the fuel tank, which can result in a leak. Kia has extended the fuel tank warranty on the 1996-2002 models. Please check with you local Kia dealer for more information, the service bulletin number is 059

I have a 98 Kia that was given to me by my mother.She hardly ever drove it.It now has 84,000 on it and a few months back someone said that I had a gas leak.We looked at it and sure enough,right on the bottom of the tank there was a rusted out spot that was leaking.The heat shield had rusted away as well.Since I didn't have money to replace the tank I put a pan under the car to collect the gas that was leaking.I tried steel stick but the gas would just eat right thru it.THEN,my timing belt broke.I had a friend work on that for me.He decided to look online about the gas tank,to see what it would cost for a new one.He found out that there was this problem on 96 to 02 kia's so he decided to call a dealership for me.The needed the mileage and the VIN which we gave him.Also wanted to know where the leak was coming from.We called him back and he said that they would fix it,no problem.Now,I haven't brought it in yet,still fixing the timing belt,but I really hope they fix this without any problems.How a company can make such a cheap and HUGE mistake putting peoples lives in danger is beyond me.So my only advice to people being told they wont fix this problem is to maybe try different dealerships in the area and maybe someone will fix it. -
just replaced gas tank. This car is a piece of crap -
Fuel tank leaking at seam. Also the frame in the driver side rear is rusting out on me. -
I needed a new fuel sender and my gas tank was pretty rusted. They suggested I should replace the tank because they have to remove it anyway to replace the fuel sender. The fellow that did the work (mechanic at the KIA dealership might have been a mechanic for a couple of years) did more damage and I had to pay an extra $200.00 on top of the already outragious prices because (you can only get parts from KIA) he made a mistake blamed it on the work that was done by my regular mechanic (whose been a mechanic for 30+ years) I receive the recall about the fuel tank and they came up with some lame excuse why it wasn't covered. I will NEVER buy another KIA, won't recommend it to anyone else, nor will I step on the lot on Brookpark Rd. in Cleveland , Ohio. -
the fuel tank is leaking from the sending uint. The dealer was contacted and they told me that the recall has expired and that i would have to replace the tank at my expence. What about the fire and safety issuse. so i now have a KIA Sportage for sell haha. -
Fuel tank rusting at the fuel pump, leaking -
Fuel leaking from the tank that had rusted out on the car.This is very dangerous, how can someone be allowed to put such a cheap thing on a car when gas is so easily set on fire. -
Fuel Tank Corroded and gas leaks through it. Costly Repair! -
Havent got it fixed yet but I took it in to my mechanic thinking it was just gonna be a small leak in the fuel line but it was the whole freaking tank that was corroded. With in two weeks after he looked at it I was getting 4 miles to the gallon!!! He had a heck of a time finding a replacement tank and thats where I am today looking online trying to find a replacement fuel tank for him to put on (and I think I found one on Amazon)! DUMB THING!! -
You can smell fuel and also where it sits fuel on the ground. And when I put gas in it , I know it leaks out . -
first it wouldnt take gasoline, got so bad that it sat for 7 months, son-in-law disconnected box near tank, seemed to help , then i started noticing smell of gas around car all the time, when i fill tank. it spills out from under the car but seems to be leaking from top of tank. -
tank leaking even the tub rusted complete gone. -
Just bought this car 2 months ago. Noticed a strong gas smell when tank is full. Took to repair shop but they wouldn't touch it due to all the rust. The car orig. from OH, I'm in AZ and didn't think to look under the car for rust. Recently bought used tank from wrecking yard, but not sure if it will work because it's from a different year Kia. -
Leaking out the bottom weep holes on the cover plate. -
fuel tank leak due to corrosion from road salt second time -
I smell gas fumes if I hit the circulation button or airconditioning button it pulls out the fumes and I can't tell how much gas is in my car because the needle sticks or floater gets stuch I have to wait until the little gas tank lights up and lets me know when it's time to get gas other wise I don't know if I have gas in my car or not. -
Gas flowed from tank, took it to shop and was told the tank was corroded. Have not gotten it repaired because cannot find replacement tank. -
Tank leaks because of rust. Can not find used one. -
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