Fuel Tank Gas Filler Neck Pipe Replacement on 1997 Toyota Corolla

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My fuel tank gas filler neck pipe has corroded and started leaking. It needs replacement. Can you provide an estimate.
Also the car is not starting even in slightly cold weather, it takes a lot of attempts with the key before it starts (sometimes it almost starts but doesnot start). Can you provide the likely cause.
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The likely cause is ignition coil failure, ignition rotor or ignition system problem but I have seen the coil fail. The filler neck is only available from the dealer, looking at the parts slide I can only guess the labor to replace is about 1 to 1.5 hours to replace. Also replace the fuel filter if you think water or dirt has entered the fuel system. It is on the chassis leg under the air filter housing area on the driver's side.
if your filler neck is rusted gas can come out but water from the wheel rotation and the road is going in the tank, so if you repair the filler neck put some gas line antifreeze in the tank and i think you are ok